All About Lilypads

We’re a growing team of marketing enthusiasts building the intelligence layer for your revenue stack.


It is in our DNA that if you want to develop forward-looking solutions, you need fanatic discipline, impartial creativity and productive paranoia to be a step ahead of present progression. We build and shape success in every facet of our product and business through daily actionable decision processes that translate to our product solution.

Lilypads vision is to humanize the world by making decisions easy.


We are leveraging the technologies of today to empower the decision-making of tomorrow.

Corporate Pillars

Fanatic Discipline

Impartial Creativity

Productive Paranoia

Lilypads Culture

Lilypads was born out of desperation and epidemic of the founders listening to the pain points from B2C and B2B businesses and digital marketing agencies trying to put the pin on the holy grail question of how do I make decisions, or how do I assist businesses in making better decisions in the ever-changing world of marketing. We listened to the cries of the businesses themselves searching for a roadmap to profitability in this changing landscape. Through this process, we formed our DNA that has pushed us through countless trials, breakdowns, and failures. With fanatic discipline, we studied countless data engines, B2C and B2B business's data, and methodologies to figure out what is currently being done or attempted to be done to help businesses filter countless information to make the optimal, most beneficial decisions. Using impartial creativity, we created a hub for decision-making by enclosing the analytics behind the engine and allowing recommended decisions to be made on the front end. Building the engine in a competitive space inspired productive paranoia and a drive to create a product vastly different from our competitors�with a startup heartbeat and believing that what you put on the whiteboard in the afternoon will be implemented in the morning.


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