Bring the best-in-class intelligent marketing engine to solve your customers' needs.

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Lilypads AI Decision Cloud engine was built to help
you get deeper understanding of your customers' data
in a piecemeal way, so you can deliver
better experiences and drive results

Experience Attribution in a Unique Way

Lilypads Ai Decision Engine uses a variety of methodologies
pre-built into the proprietary algorithm to locate
unknown users in the funnel and maximize spend
and return on investment

Simpliflying Data Action and Decision-Making

Simplicity is key for decision-making. The Lilypads Al Decision cloud engine ties cognitive analytics with complex proprietary algorithms to decide on a course of action that will boost your organic/native marketing, keywords search, engagement, conversion, etc.

Custom Configuration

Configure your business marketing /sales goals and objective
into the Al Decision cloud engine and have it work for you to
intelligently optimize spend and return on investment
for your unique business.

Power marketing and sales data with Al Decision Cloud Engine


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